Dave Law

17th September 1955 — 29th July 2023

A remarkable individual whose many talents graced both the football field and the stage.


A gifted footballer and captivating musician, Dave's prowess in both arenas was nothing short of extraordinary. On the pitch, his skill and commitment were evident, inspiring teammates and supporters alike. Off the field, he seamlessly transitioned into an entertainer, using his musical and comedic talents to uplift spirits wherever he went.

Dave's mission in life appeared to be one of igniting joy and camaraderie. Whether in the changing room, on the pitch, at the post-match pint, or before a live audience, he effortlessly wove a tapestry of encouragement, laughter, stories, jokes and authentic banter that brought people closer together. His infectious enthusiasm for life radiated in every note he sang, every joke he told, and every interaction he had with those around him.



A truly rare gem, Dave Law stood out not only for his remarkable talents but also for his genuine character. A devoted husband, a proud dad, a wonderful grandad, everyone’s best mate and an exceptional team player, he embodied the spirit of solidarity and companionship. His down-to-earth nature and warm-heartedness earned him the admiration and respect of all who had the privilege of knowing him.

He will be forever remembered as a beacon of light, a source of laughter, and a symbol of what it means to be a good-hearted, salt-of-the-earth individual.

Truly one in a million. His legacy will live on in the memories of those he touched, and his impact will continue to resonate in the lives he enriched.

Rest in peace, Dave Law. Your spirit lives on in the hearts of us all.